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Triple XXX Vanilla, the World’s Greatest Vanilla – Since 2009.

Triple-Fold Vanilla Extract & Inventor of Smoked Vanilla Beans!

Baking Season Is Here!

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Triple XXX Vanilla will be at The Lloyd Center’s Winter Market, Dec. 15-18.

DIY Vanilla Making demos DAILY at 1PM! Learn More…


Make your own Vanilla Extract!

Enjoy a Forever Supply!

Classes, Demos & Custom Blends!

Classes and Demonstrations:

  • Vanilla Extract Classes! Fun for events, team building, and parties! All Participants leave with their own personal 4 oz Vanilla Extract to be, and a great time to remember!!!
  • Vanilla Talks and Demonstrations! As a vanilla obsessed individual, I’m prepared to share all I know at culinary events or schools.

Custom Vanilla Blends & Wholesale:

  • Chefs & Bakers: Let me create a signature vanilla extract blend for you! Together we can make your exceptional creations stand out even more!!!
  • Want to purchase in bulk or for your store? We can do that!

Want to know about Classes & Custom Orders…

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