The Triple XXX Vanilla Kit – DIY Vanilla Extract

DIY Vanilla Kits

The Triple XXX Vanilla Kit - DIY Vanilla Extract

Imagine never having to buy Vanilla Extract again!  It can happen!

Our Triple XXX Vanilla Extract Kits offers a constant supply of the best vanilla extract.  Plus, you will always know exactly what is in your vanilla extract – the finest vanilla beans from around the world, and your choice of liquor. No sugars, no flavorings, no fillers. Vegan and gluten free.

All Triple XXX Vanilla products are TRIPLE STRENGTH so you can use less and save more – 4 ounces of extract is like having 12 ounces.

Just follow the directions enclosed and you will never run out of vanilla extract again!  Our specially designed kit insures you will always have a supply of ready to use vanilla and new vanilla always brewing.

You can reuse these beans for extract over and over again!

Do It Yourself Vanilla Extract Kits include:

• 2 bottles 

• 4 vanilla beans from a variety of regions to insure the most delicious mix

• Complete and easy to follow instructions


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If you bought this product and lost the instruction booklet, here is a quick refresher on making extract.