SMOKED VANILLA unveiled at Chocolate Fest PDX!

IMG_1699This is a very exciting moment! For more than a year we have been perfecting our new SMOKED VANILLA BEANS! Driven by vanilla obsession, this is our own invention, and smoked vanilla beans have never before been available commercially!

Our beans are “cold smoked” with a verity of woods that enhance the vanilla bean rather than overpower it. In our test kitchens we have used our smoked beans in Creme Brûlée, chocolate chip cookies, caramel sauces, hot vanilla, and the flavor has lent itself very well to savory dishes such as seared tuna with a vanilla cream sauce!

Our top secret idea has been in the works for a very long time, and we are super excited to premiere it at the wonder and amazing CHOCOLATE FEST in Portland. The Chocolate fest is at the convention center on January 22-24.

In the dog eat dog world of business, we are desperate to get this new invention out to the word, so we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on KICKSTARTER starting FEB. 1. Please check back to support this new endeavor, and get some really great incentives – including of course, plenty of smoked vanilla beans!!!!

SMOKED VANILLA BEANS will only be available via Chocolate Fest or our Kickstarter until it’s successful completion. Please help us make this launch successful with your support. Much more info coming soon!