Help KICKSTART Smoked Vanilla!!!

IMG_1517We unveiled our amazing new SMOKED VANILLA BEANS at the Portland Chocolate Festival, and it was all the rage at the show! I was bought by many of the chocolatiers at the convention center who wanted to experiment with this amazing product, and one company is already selling it at the famed Pike Place Market in Seattle. Now, we have launched our Kickstarter campaign to help kick off this new venture in Vanilla the right way!

At Triple XXX Vanilla, we love vanilla so much we eat, sleep and live vanilla! The idea of SMOKED VANILLA BEANS was dreamed up by our founder on a starry night nearly two years ago. Ironically, a just few weeks later a smoker was spied at a garage sale for $5 and the experimenting began. At first it was hit or miss experiments (mostly misses) that resulted in cooked beans, over-smoked beans, and vanilla beans so hard they snapped! Finally, things started to turn around, and soon a definitive process was born!

We traded our garage sale smoker for a fine brand new Bradley smoker, adjusted our process to fit a “real” smoker and got serious. Our vanilla beans are COLD SMOKED so they are still raw, and the wood we use enhances rather than overpowers the beans.

We’ve tested our smoked vanilla beans in a variety of recipes and it has been absolutely amazing! We have launched a Kickstarter to help bring our SMOKED VANILLA BEANS to market in a big way. In order to get real distribution we need a lot of vanilla beans, and vanilla beans are not cheap. In fact, vanilla beans continue to go up in price.

All of our vanilla beans our organic and fair trade, and our SMOKED VANILLA BEANS are no exception! Please help us Kickstart this new invention. No one has ever produced SMOKED VANILLA BEANS for commercial sale, in fact there was nothing about it at all on Google!

We chose to use Kickstarter because we appreciate the sink or swim, all or nothing crowdfunding concept. If people want SMOKED VANILLA BEANS then we will succeed, if they don’t we won’t.

Please help us bring SMOKED VANILLA BEANS to market! We want to share this incredible new taste sensation with co-ops and gourmet grocers all over the USA, but we can’t do it without your help! Please check out our Kickstarter campaign! We will be adding more rewards, updates, and videos as this month goes by.

Please help us reach our goal and bring SMOKED VANILLA BEANS to the world!

Check out our Kickstarter – New rewards added weekly!