ASTORIA Smoked Vanilla Freak Out in Words & Pictures!

On Saturday, I did an event at our neighborhood coffee shop, 3 Cups Coffee House. It’s a great place in Astoria Oregon, pretty much right under the Megler Bridge. The people who run it and the coffee roaster within are absolutely lovely! I mean, come on they let me hog a table and talk vanilla to people for three hours on a Saturday!IMG_2410

It was a really great time, people from Astoria, from Seattle, from Portland, from down the coast, all stopped to see what I had going, and talk to me about vanilla, or rather, I talked to them about vanilla. Some of the people who showed up were dear friends, and some were total strangers, and even a little doggie came all the way from the Long Beach Peninsula to sniff vanilla (dogs love vanilla!).

The amazing baristas made Smoked Vanilla Caramel Lattes and Smoked Vanilla Italian Sodas for thirsty customers! This to me was the ultimate test because I have not tested the smoked vanilla in coffee drinks, and let’s face it, a lot could go wrong, smoke & coffee??? But from all accounts they were a big hit, and continue to be according to the coffee house’s owner Carly, who said they  continue to be asked for Smoked Vanilla Drinks even three days later!IMG_2626

I walked around the coffee house and pushed Smoked Vanilla Caramels on everyone in the place who would take one – except for table of chess players who appeared to be in deep concentration and didn’t want to screw them up.

Famed poet, environmentalist and commercial fisherman Dave Densmore even came by – Now that’s an honor! He and his lady love Renee have been really encouraging about the vanilla, and they ought to know a thing or two about it, they have taken it out fishing in Alaska!

Three lovely ladies came ALL THE WAY from Portland just to attend the Smoked Vanilla Freak Out!

A couple of friends who have bought several vanilla extract kits before (apparently for friends) watched my Vanilla Extract making demonstration, and said “Oh that’s how you make it!”

IMG_2525I am really thankful for all the people that came out to the Smoked Vanilla Freak Out! I saw some wonderful friends that live her in Astoria, I had acquaintinces come all the way from Portland and Washington, and total strangers listened to my words, asked great questions, and urged me on!

I have to admit, this campaign has been challenging, but the encouragement I received on Saturday from the coffee shop and everyone in it was so great, it has imbued me with the energy and the will to succeed! I know that my vanilla is best I have ever tried, and I am so proud to see and hear other agree! Whether this Kickstarter reaches its goal or not (and I sure hope it does) I know this vanilla has wings, and we will make it through, and she it with all who are interested, no matter what!

Thank you Astoria!

PLEASE! Support this Kickstarter if you can, every little bit helps, and you won’t be charged until it’s over on March 5th:

Photos by Ravyn Benton