A Word About Kickstarter Crowdfunding & Investing in Small Business

IMG_2639I am now two weeks out & about 20% to my goal, I thought I should offer a little explanation about Kickstarter & why I chose it for the Smoked Vanilla Launch:

Kickstarter is different than other crowd funding websites. It is an “all or nothing“ platform, that means if I do not reach my minimum goal, I get nothing! 

When supporters pledge to back a campaign such as my Smoked Vanilla Launch, they pay NOTHING until it ends on MARCH 5TH, and they pay nothing at all if I don’t reach my $5,000 goal.

Some people have asked why I chose this route over other crowdfunding sites that give you whatever you raise. I have been part of crowdfunding campaigns on both types of sites, and I have supported campaigns on both. Kickstarter was the right site for me in this case because raising a portion of what I am asking for just will not work for this business goal.

Gofundme and others are great to raise money for many projects, for example, it’s great in a case if someone breaks their arm, tries to raise $1000 but only gets $200, that $200 is still going to help them out in some way. 

For me, that is not going to help my business grow at all. Raising 20% of my goal, does nothing to help my business, in fact it’s just going to make me feel bad for the people who did pledge because I will not be able to achieve what I outlined as my goals in the time I planned.

Please know, if you are waiting to pledge, please don’t. Statistically, if a campaign can reach 50% of it’s goal it is more likely to get to 100%. I really need to get there with the help of people who ALREADY KNOW how great and amazing Triple XXX Vanilla is, so that people who might speculate have confidence in my work. Again, you will not be charged anything until the end of the campaign, and IF, I reach my goal.

Also, this is not a speculative venture, my products already exist! This is about expansion, not a hope and a dream!

If I reach my goal everything will ship almost immediately. I have heard comments from many people saying, “Yeah, I kickstarted a video game, and a year later it’s still being developed”.  So sure, that can happen with Kickstarter, even with a successful campaign some people still fail. Please know, that is not the case with Triple XXX Vanilla, I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years. I have made every mistake in the past. My vanilla has been growing and expanding for several years now. I can handle it, I have a plan in place.

Triple XXX Vanilla is real, alive, and will continue to grow. This is just the start. If you pledge to get vanilla product, a cookbook or other items, you will have them before March 2016 is over, and even those who pledge on perishable food goods – cookies and caramels, KNOW that they will be in your hands within a few weeks of this campaign’s successful end.

This is not charity, everyone who pledges will receive something for their pledge. I am asking you to be an investor, in a small business, in vanilla, in a woman – which is me. Your return will be pretty immediate, in the way of your reward being in your mailbox in just a few weeks. Truly, it is a win/win for all of us! Please support this campaign by pledging, or sharing the link.

Thank you for your support!

Support independent Vanilla & the first EVER Smoked Vanilla Beans:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1434331827/smoked-vanilla-triple-xxx-vanilla-the-big-launch