I Left My Smoked Vanilla Caramel In Seattle

Seattle! What an amazing place!

Indi Chocolate! What incredible chocolate & awesome people!


Amy at Indi Chocolate in Seattle’s Pike Market, holding a basket of cacao pods!

Seattle was a whirlwind, we left early but arrived late due to several accidents on I-5, a marathon, and a missing freeway entrance ramp in Tacoma that Google Maps for some crazy reason did not know was closed and being rebuilt. Luckily, it all turned out okay for us.

It was GO from the minute I walked in the door of Indi Chocolate armed with only my mobile phone and a jar of Smoked Vanilla Caramel in my hands! Erin at Indi Chocolate and her staff were absolutely great! She has a beautiful shop in Pike Place Market (easy to find from the south entrance – just follow the signs for the Sound View Cafe on the lower level), and their chocolate is incredibly delicious!

They source all of their chocolate beans, so their chocolates are single origin, bean to bar, and they buy direct from the farmers – I am actually enjoying a bar of their “Nicaragua” as I write this, (I’ve been hoarding it since the Chocolate Fest where we initially met). It’s smooth and earthy. They actually roast the cacao beans right their in the store - which makes for a chocolate smell so deep it seeps into your soul!

I learned a lot about chocolate, and it was great to hear them get asked, “Where do your beans come from?” – I get that question all the time!!! We even got to eat a whole freshly roasted cocoa bean as part of their demonstration on Sunday.

In 5 minutes, I was set up and offering tastes of the Caramel Sauce. However unorganized and flustered I was by the drive no one seemed to even notice once the Caramel Sauce danced upon their tongues! Some women closed their eyes in a way you usually only see in movie love scenes. Three young girls maybe 13 years old told me it was the greatest thing ever, and one looked me straight in the eyes and said with total certainty, “You’re going to go far!”.  A twenty-something man with a big smile just kept saying, “Holy Shit!”. In fact, everyone who tried it had only good things to say!  I’ve done my share of events, a 100% positive reaction is an impossibility, but here it was!

Check out the video here & see the reaction of people tasting Smoked Vanilla Caramel and more! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1434331827/smoked-vanilla-triple-xxx-vanilla-the-big-launch/posts/1497006


Inside the walls of Indi Chocolate at Pike Place Market , Seattle. Looking out over a jar of Smoked Vanilla Caramel Sauce!

Even Indi Chocolate founder, Erin was no exception! It made me so proud that someone so deeply involved with the finest chocolates in the world would be so impressed with my Smoked Vanilla Caramel Sauce! She was literally blown away by it!

And Day Two was no different! Smoked Vanilla Caramel Ruled The Day!

A tour group came in and all 13 of them tried the Caramel Sauce and Smoked Vanilla Italian Sodas. They literally went crazy! Pairs of young women, families with kids of various ages, older couples, they were all loving my Smoked Vanilla! Some pulled out their phones right there and backed the Kickstarter at the store!

I even had a couple of skeptical guys who have smokers and use them, try my stuff. It was great to see their dismissive skepticism turn to shock and then a sincere nod of respect after trying my Smoked Vanilla yummies and smelling the Smoked Vanilla Beans! One older fellow had the same smoker I did, his wife looked surprised as we talked smokers and smoking in a way he probably only talks to his smoker guy pals. I figure getting respect from men who smoke stuff and kids who are unafraid to react honestly was a true compliment, more than a compliment, it was an affirmation!


Amy & former next door neighbor Brittany!

A great surprise came when our former next door neighbor came by with several friends! We haven’t see Brittany in a couple of years, and she has really become a successful, polished, and confident young woman! I am proud to have been her neighbor, and prouder to see the woman she is growing into!

Several older ladies just wanted to buy a jar of Smoked Vanilla Caramel Sauce from me right there, so I had to explain what a Kickstarter was, and that they had to back my campaign to get it.

All in all, the investment of traveling to Seattle, the time it took, and the money spent was worth it! Plus, for the first time in my entire life I slept on the top bunk of a bunk bed at the Green Tortoise Hostel where we stayed!

I would like to offer deep and sincere thanks to Indi Chocolate, to Erin, and to Barbara, for their warmth and hospitality! Thanks to everyone who tasted my stuff, everyone who was on video, and everyone who backed my Kickstarter!

Barbara shows off different  cacao beans at indi chocolate!

Barbara shows off different cacao beans at indi chocolate!

Erin and I talked about doing some special collaborations, even though she doesn’t usually use vanilla in her chocolate! And, I may have additional exciting announcements coming soon about future collaborations – but that’s for another post!

I guess it’s safe to say Seattle LOVED my Smoked Vanilla, I hope you do too!

Please Support the Smoked Vanilla Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1434331827/smoked-vanilla-triple-xxx-vanilla-the-big-launch