PRESS RELEASE: For First Time Ever – Smoked Vanilla Beans

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For First Time Ever – Smoked Vanilla Beans


Not all inventions have to be high tech to turn the world upside-down, recently a small vanilla company in Astoria Oregon launched the first ever Smoked Vanilla Beans! They are cold-smoked, smoky, sweet, and amazing! This invention is bound to have an impact on the future of your culinary delights!

In 2009, Amy Bugbee began Triple XXX Vanilla with money she’d saved from her Unemployment checks in order to launch her first product, the DIY Vanilla Extract Kit. She made it to encourage people to make their own vanilla extract. The company slowly grew to include a variety of small batch vanilla items, including triple strength vanilla extract, sugar-free vanilla paste, and vanilla powder made from only ground vanilla beans. With strong repeat business from discriminating chefs and home cooks, it has been called the world’s greatest vanilla by many.

Since its start, Triple XXX Vanilla has gone straight to the people with the finest vanilla products, and to educate the public about the difference between real vanilla and “natural vanilla flavor”. In addition to the Astoria Sunday Market, Seattle’s Punk Rock Flea Market, and pretty much anywhere people might listen, for the last two years the company has participated in the more refined Portland Chocolate Fest, where chocolate enthusiasts delighted in the “vanilla rebel’s” participation, and this year included a well attended presentation about vanilla on their main stage. This is also where she pre-premiered the first ever Smoked Vanilla Bean!

For the last two years, Amy Bugbee toiled over the idea, concept, and production of smoking the vanilla bean. There were many failures, but finally it happened – perfection! This is the first time ever that Smoked Vanilla Beans has ever been available on the open market for home cooks and chefs like to rejoice in. Now armed with a method, a new professional Bradley Smoker, and a whole lot of tenacity, Amy and Triple XXX Vanilla have launched Smoked Vanilla Beans on a Kickstarter campaign. She chose Kickstarter purposely because it is all or nothing funding, which means vanilla lovers and bakers need to step up and support this fine business.

The entrepreneur is not satisfied with a successful one woman show though, “My business was born from my own inability to find work during the off-season in a tourism based economy”. While the area is beautiful, the mouth of the Columbia River’s economy consists mostly of low paying, seasonal work. Amy Bugbee wants to bring living wage, year round work, and clean manufacturing to Astoria. She says, “I can see a day when pallets of vanilla beans are coming right into our port, and we are supplying the very best vanilla to the entire NW Coast and beyond”.