Smoked Vanilla Beans Now Available!

SmokedVanillaBeans1For the first time ever, Smoked Vanilla Beans!

Our premium Madagascar vanilla beans are cold-smoked until perfectly flavored. At Triple XXX Vanilla, we spent a great deal of time perfecting the smoking process for our vanilla beans. The vanilla beans are slow smoked at a very low temperatures using a light wood blend. We smoke our best beans in a beautiful Bradley Smoker.

Smoked vanilla adds a sweetness and depth to your baking and cooking. Use it for creme brûlée, a hot vanilla drink, or in a cream sauce for fish or chicken. Vanilla is already recognized as the most loved scent of humanity, smoking the vanilla bean offers an incredibly new experience, with a new flavor profile that expands the vanilla bean’s natural flavor and adds a smoky dimension.

Why smoked vanilla beans? The truth is, our founder awoke in the middle of the night with the sudden thought of smoked vanilla beans. What would that be like? She wondered. The very next day a garage sale stop produced a silver Lil’Chief smoker for $5! When a google search about how to smoke a vanilla bean produced zero results the experiments began!

Now available for the first time ever - Smoked Vanilla Beans! These beans are premium quality organic vanilla beans, cold-smoked at about 85 degrees until just the right moment of sweet and smokey perfection.

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We have had great success with caramel and caramel sauce, which is also available in the store. Both are made to order. Please allow 5-7 days for production.