Introducing Triple XXX Vanilla Sugar for Baking and Fun!

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Screen_shot_2016-02-29_at_10.37.59_PM_1024x1024Baking with this Vanilla Sugar will blow your mind!

This vanilla sugar will change your life!

We mix copious amounts of our Triple XXX Vanilla Powder, made from 100% ground organic vanilla beans from Tahiti and Madagascar, with Oregon’s own Bob’s Red Mill Cane Sugar, to bring you a vanilla experience second to none.

Perfect for nearly any baking project, just replace a few tablespoons of regular sugar from your favorite recipes. Use it as a 1:1 full sugar replacement and blow your mind! Sprinkle it on your morning oatmeal or toast.

Regarding drinks, such as tea and coffee, the powdered vanilla beans will not dissolve in drinks, hot or cold, and may make drinks kind of grainy. It can be used inside a coffee filter or tea bag to minimize graininess.

Resealable ziplock bag, will stay fresh for a very long time.

As part of the launch celebration of our new Triple XXX Vanilla vanilla sugar, we included it in the box for this month’s subscription from Prospurly:

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How did this happen?

One day, while selling my fine vanillas at street fair, three ladies from Scandinavia stopped to talk. They said where they live no one uses vanilla extract. I was shocked, and asked what they use? They use vanilla infused sugar they said, a white powder for baking sold usually in small packets. A few weeks later a friend from Bosnia gifted me several packets of a white powder with the word vanilla on the front, the rest of the label in a language I did not recognize. A curiosity was created. And not long after that, this vanilla sugar. This vanilla sugar was originally only available in glass four-ounce bottles, but we went back and refined the packaging to something more realistic and less wasteful.