The Nine Days Of Pie! This year it’s citywide in Portland Oregon!

(This post is not really about vanilla, but yet isn’t it?) photo

Hello, and welcome to what I believe will be the 8th installment of the Nine Days Of Pie. Every November 1 thru 9, for nearly a decade, my husband Shane and I have hosted the Nine Days Of Pie, it is a celebration of community, and Shane’s Birthday. Each day for nine days, I bake pies, and invite anyone – friend, enemy, stranger — over for pie. All are welcome. (Yes, most of the pies, are vanilla heavy, of course!)

For many years, I refused to repeat a single pie, making for some strange pies, odd combinations, and requiring weeks of research in weird old pie recipes. For the last two, I have done a retrospective of favorites and added new pies, last year I even did a number of medieval era pies.

We have made wonderful friends during the Nine Days Of Pie, and many who attend make long lasting and sometimes very odd friendships with those that attend. Young and old, rich and poor, left and right. You just never know who is going to show up!

This year, we are trying something radical! Instead of hosting folks in our home, we want to bring The Nine Days Of Pie to different neighborhoods all over Portland! The theory is, if people ever needed to feel community and find common ground with their neighbors, now is the time. If we can make this work in Portland, hopefully it will spread all over America and beyond.

Pie is power, it has the power to unite, and we plan to do just that! Look for the list of locations coming soon, and lets tip a fork to our neighbors, and enjoy some flaky crusted foods while we forget our worries and out differences for a time!

Learn more about the nine days of pie, and enjoy the many recipes, here: pic