Triple XXX Vanilla’s Amy Bugbee featured in new book about Chocolate!

img_7387_copy0_lgIn a major coup, Amy Bugbee, founder of Triple XXX Vanilla managed to bully VANILLA history and lore into Chocolatology: Chocolate’s Fantastical Lore, Bittersweet History, & Delicious (Vegan) Recipes, by Angel York & Darin Wick, published by Microcosm Publishing! That’s real magic right there friends!

(Spoiler alert: it dates back to the very origins of both chocolate and vanilla).

On November 5th, the authors, along with Amy Bugbee and the entire Nine Days Of Pie brood will celebrate all things chocolate!  It happens Sunday, November 5, 2pm at Afru Gallery 534 SE Oak St, PDX. In addition to readings and chocolate and vanilla talk, all of the pies this day will include chocolate, some will be vegan.

Come and here great lore and history of chocolate and vanilla while you enjoy slice(s) of various chocolate pies.

This is a free event, but buying a book is a good idea, and donating to the gallery is certainly appreciated!