World Release! Smoked Vanilla Extract!

More than four years in the making, Triple XXX Vanilla’s Smoked Vanilla Extract is now available for purchase. This initial batch is less than one hundred bottles, and each is hand-numbered.

Triple XXX Vanilla founder, Amy Bugbee awoke in the middle of the night more than four years ago with a single thought, “I must smoke vanilla beans!”, the next morning she searched Google for information on smoking vanilla beans and was shocked to find there were no results! Three days later she spied an old smoker for sale at a garage sale for $5. It was destiny.

Bugbee spent months learning about woods and temperatures, and essentially everything not to do. Once she was able to perfect the beans she invested in a Bradley Smoker from a local fishing supply store. The smoke vanilla beans were launched at the Portland Chocolate festival in 2016, bakers and chefs went crazy.

She began test extracting the smoked vanilla beans to see if the smoke would even carry through the extraction process. Testing began at the 16 week mark of extraction, and as the faro developed, so did Bugbee’s repertoire of successful recipes – Chocolate chip cookies, creme brulee, even lemon bars! She used it on baked chicken, giving it a smokey vanilla flavor nearly equal to grilling.

The sweet and smoky extract made its debut on February 9th and 10th at the Portland Night Market, and many of those smelling the incredible aroma for the first time were compelled to take a bottle home. New artwork also launched with the Smoked Vanilla Extract, featuring two skulls, vanilla beans and wisp of smoke. It celebrates the creation myth of the vanilla bean according to the Totonac people of Mexico who originally discovered and cultivated the plant long before they were conquered by the Aztecs.

The remainder of the batch is available only at Triple XXX Vanilla’s website Two ounce bottles are selling for $40 plus shipping, and include a hand screen-printed canvas tote bag featuring the new art. The design was created by Idle Hands ( on instagram).

A new batch of Smoked Vanilla Extract is extracting now, but will not be ready for bottling for some months. That means, when this first batch is gone, Smoked Vanilla Extract will be unavailable for some time. While Amy Bugbee is concerned about this, she holds firm, she will not release it before it’s ready, and will never rush her vanilla. “My customers depend on the quality of my vanilla, I will never cut corners with it, no matter how prices rise, or however high demand is. I am a micro-business, and all I really have is my reputation to go on.”

You can buy one of these 2 0z bottles right now, hand numbered and comes with the screen printed tote bag: extract w tot bag