GO FUND ME – Help me teach vanilla sustainability to all

I am asking fans, friends, and customers to help me through a rough spot with Triple XXX Vanilla. Disasters in the vanilla growing regions of the world, due to both mother nature and man-made, have caused vanilla prices to go up 10 times what they were when I started this business. The time is now to act in order to save this precious spice from becoming only for the very wealthy, or having it cease to exist. Each of us can help!

If you can, please shop on my GoFundMe campaign, and help me bring Vanilla sustainability and classes to the people. Every purchase helps, and I will be adding new items over the next few weeks, so check back or sign up for updates on the GoFundMe campaign!

In other news, we recently moved our operations to Portland, and the move took far longer and cost much more than anticipated. Rather than asking for a hand-out, I am looking for a hand-up, and as a reward, I am offering some pretty excellent deals in the GoFundMe rewards section. Please, buy your vanilla here, sign up for the class if you’re in the PDX area, or get a subscription to the Vanilla-Of-The-Month Club!

If you would, please support this next phase in Triple XXX Vanilla growth, and please share the link with your friends and families. Everyone deserves REAL and EXCELLENT vanilla in their lives!

Thank You!

Triple XXX Vanilla Fundraiser: