Vanilla Efficiency Unit is here to help!


Get ready to learn about Vanilla!

Ever wondered why vanilla is so expensive? Where it grows? Have you noticed vanilla prices are going up and you want to keep it affordable?

Vanilla Efficiency Unit is here to help!

Vanilla Efficiency Unit is here to help!

Vanilla prices will continue to rise, and while the exotic vanilla bean’s cultivation is always time and labor intensive, it’s also facing times of shortage and high demand. But, if we just learned what a powerful resource the vanilla bean can be for cooking and baking, we’d be able to enjoy more vanilla in a more resourceful and sustainable way.

Learn how to make your own renewable vanilla extract, and leave with what you make (all supplies included), plus a book of vanilla knowledge, a screen printed apron, and a bottle of ready to use extract as my gift to you!

The dates will be confirmed soon. Do you prefer a Friday evening class or a Sunday afternoon class in mid to late May? Please request preference if you have one.

Vanilla class is a great Mothers Day gift!

Vanilla Efficiency Class for Home Bakers

  • Limit 12 people per class/ $65 per person
  • Learn how to make your own vanilla extract. 
  • Leave with vanilla extract you make! 
  • Get a book of knowledge, a screen-printed apron, and ready-to-use extract too!

Sign up for the $65 vanilla class reward on my GoFundMe Campaign: