Real vs. Fake – Save A Beaver! Use Real Vanilla!


Please don't turn me into "flavoring".

The terrible truth about “Natural Vanilla Flavoring” is that it is not from vanilla beans at all, it is often made from BEAVER. That’s right, beaver!  Cute, furry little beavers  - You’ve seen the dams they build, you’ve loved them in cartoons, you may be eating them in your vanilla yogurt right now.

Big business doesn’t want to pay hard working vanilla farmers a proper price for real vanilla beans, so instead they pay scientists to create synthetic flavoring for imitation vanilla, or even worse, they buy paper mill waste, or kill beavers and dry their “scent organ” called a castor sac and call it “Natural Flavoring”!  Castoreum is made from the gland in beavers that produces their “scent” when they urinate to mark territory or attract mates. The sacs are dried out, ground up, and they call it vanilla and raspberry flavor and fragrance.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead and look it up.

Other Bad Stuff:

MMmmm... Paper mill waste, yum!

Cheap Mexican vanilla often contains extracted Tonka  Beans instead of vanilla, the “extract” it produces looks and smells a lot like real vanilla extract, except Tonka Beans contain Coumarin which is dangerous and banned by the FDA. It can cause liver and kidney damage in humans.

Another favorite of the cheap “vanilla” producers is lignin, which is a polymer in wood that is released when wood is turned into paper. Paper mills collect the run off pulp and sell it to spice companies to be turned into imitation vanilla – Oh Yum!  Ever drive by a paper mill? That horrible smell could be future vanilla flavoring.

Please save yourself… and the beavers, support vanilla farmers, and quality producers of real vanilla products, and always buy Real Vanilla Extract, or better yet, make your own vanilla products.

My book, ‘Vanilla 101′ will show you how to make your own extract, sugars, oil, powder, and even bug repellent with real vanilla. Plus it contains more than 100 amazing recipes – from cookies to fish, eggs to cake, drinks both alcoholic and not, and much more!

Let the REAL vanilla shine!