Vanilla beans on the vine.

Vanilla Ain’t Boring!

Vanilla is one of the most exotic spices known to man, an aphrodisiac with mystical and healing powers!  It’s sweet and smoky flavor has been making food better for centuries!  The distinctive scent of vanilla, an orchid, is unmistakable, coveted, worshiped even!

Can you imagine how vanilla ever came to be used as a description of the mundane? Absurd!

Triple XXX Vanilla products are made from the finest ingredients from around the world, and include DIY Vanilla Extract Kits, thick Vanilla Paste, small batch Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Sugar, and Vanilla Powder.

Check out Amy Bugbee’s new  ‘Vanilla 101 Cookbook’ dedicated to all things Vanilla! Sweet and savory dishes, chili, cheese balls, cookies, yogurt, mixed drinks, and more, plus an entire chapter dedicated to Do-It-Yourself vanilla products!

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The History of Triple XXX Vanilla – The World’s Greatest Vanilla
Triple XXX Vanilla grew out of one woman’s addiction to baking, and her quest to find the very best vanilla in the world.
Amy Bugbee discovered a passion for all things domestic after marrying her true love in 1996, she began experimenting in the kitchen, especially as a baker and found a real knack for it.  Soon she was selling her surplus goodies to local coffee shops in Chicago, and shipping them all over the USA.
As with all addictions, Amy’s “Baking Addiction” was not a cheap habit, especially using quality ingredients like real vanilla extract.  She began to make her own vanilla extract to save money, and was soon experimenting to find the perfect blend of beans and top shelf liquors.  After several years and dozens of jars of vanilla, beans from around the world, and a variety of liquors Amy had her mix.
She began to brew larger batches and decided she’d better sell at least enough to support her habit.  Now the Triple XXX Vanilla line includes a variety of vanilla products, a vanilla cookbook, and even some funny trinkets to enjoy!
Thank you for stopping by our corner of the world! We welcome you, and we guarantee if you try our Vanilla products, you will agree that Triple XXX Vanilla is the World’s Greatest Vanilla!