The History of Triple XXX Vanilla

It all began with an addiction. Baking Addiction, and I had it bad. 

I was constantly trying new recipes, adapting and improving them, mixing odd flavors, it was fun. However, I was not in a position to spend endlessly on baking supplies, so in an effort to save money, I began to extract my own vanilla. But then I learned about all of the variety of beans, and I began trying different vanilla beans with different types of liquor.

Soon my tiny kitchen was bursting with jars of vanilla extract variations. It was clear I needed to figure something out. Then I realized most people were like I was, buying vanilla extract at the mercy of our local grocery stores. What if everyone was making their own? I thought about the best way to facilitate such a thing, which is where the DIY Vanilla Extract Kit came from. Thus Triple XXX, The World’s Greatest Vanilla was born!

Vanilla Ain’t Boring!

Somehow, and very erroneously, vanilla has come to describe things that were boring – vanilla décor, vanilla entertainment, vanilla sex – how could this erotic, sexy and enchanting spice be used to describe that which is dull or mundane? It was blasphemy! I stood determined to change that!

To bring attention to the aphrodisia of the Vanilla Bean I decided my Vanillas would be Triple-Fold. I’d never seen it before, I’d only seen double-fold, but with triple strength I could enjoy the innuendo of Triple XXX which aptly described the contents held within each bottle. Plus, it would make bottles of extract last longer if we could use less.

World’s Greatest Vanilla – Those are strong words

Yes, yes they are. And I stand behind that statement. From my own experimentation and baked goods, to my devoted repeat customers, everyone who has tried my products agrees, this is the best vanilla they have ever used. This is a small business founded on love not profit, creating super potent vanilla is what I am determined to do! I will not cut corners. There is no sugar in my products (except the Vanilla Sugar of course), no additives, no weird stuff, no artificial smell, just pure, wonderful, high quality vanilla beans.

Hi, I’m Amy, and I am passionate about vanilla. Let me share it with you, discerning cooks, chefs, and bakers of every variety! My vanilla is vegan, gluten-free, and made with REAL vanilla beans.

I began this company in 2009, it has had it’s ups and downs over the years between vanilla prices, a pandemic, my own personal tragedies, but you can’t keep a good vanilla down! I’m back in action once again.

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