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Vanilla Powder – 2 oz of 100% ground vanilla beans


Do-It-Yourself Vanilla Extract Kits

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Smoked Vanilla Extract – Super Limited 4 ounce bottle – Hand numbered


Smoked Vanilla Bean Extract in a Limited Edition 4 ounce bottle.

Hurry! only 3 left in stock.


This is Vanilla Extract made with my Smoked Vanilla Beans. My own invention – Smoked Vanilla Beans, Smoked Vanilla Extract and Smoked Vanilla Powder have never been available before!!! The idea came to me in the middle of the night! … Read about it here. 

It’s from Triple XXX Vanilla, so it’s definitely Triple-Strength! This Vanilla Extract is made with our beautiful Smoked Vanilla Beans, Spring Water, and it’s own secret liquor combination, different than that of our classic Vanilla Extract.

These are the final Hand-numbered bottles from this limited edition 1st batch! Look for a pre-order on the next batch soon.

This special limited edition consists of ONLY 10 imported and cork sealed, 4 oz. bottles, filled with our pure triple-fold Smoked Vanilla Extract with Smoked Vanilla Beans in each. These are hand numbered 1 through 10. This extract was “Cold Extracted” for over 6 months. Made with Spring Water, Premium Liquor, and organic, fair-trade Vanilla Beans cold smoked to perfection.

We smoke beans and powder in a small BRADLEY Smoker. It took a couple years to get it just right, but here it is! Triple XXX Vanilla Beans are smoked to perfection using fruit and nut wood chips. NO LIQUID SMOKE HERE! This is the real deal!

Bake with this and you will never look at vanilla the same again – It’s Orgasmic! I’ve tested many recipes believing the Smoked Vanilla would not work, only to find it offered a great new dimension to everything from Chocolate Chip Cookies to Tuna fillets! These beans are not over-smoked, instead they add a deep and textured flavor profile to the already beautiful Vanilla Bean. A depth, a sweetness, and new characteristics.

4 ounce Hand-numbered edition of 10 bottles. Theses are triple fold or stronger making it’s equal to 12 ounces or more.

Shipping included.

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