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VANILLA SUGAR – Full of Vanilla powder, Organic Sugar – 10 oz Bag

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Vanilla Extract 2 oz. triple-strength


Triple XXX Vanilla Extract, 2 ounce bottle. Three times the strength! Triple XXX Vanilla is made with organic beans, premium liquor and spring water.

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Triple strength aka Triple-Fold* vanilla extract made with the best fair-trade, organic Vanilla beans from Tahiti and Madagascar. Plus, three kinds of premium liquor in a ratio I developed over years of experimentation, and pure spring water.

We currently make only two batches a year, and since they extract for a full 6 months, when we sell out, it’s gone — until the next extraction is ready!

Because our vanilla extract is triple strength only a third as much extract is required for your favorite recipes. By making our vanilla more concentrated, we use fewer glass bottles and less alcohol and water, and so do you!

2 ounces x triple strength = 6 ounces

Coveted by chefs!

*What is Triple-Fold vanilla Extract? The FDA says single strength, or regular everyday vanilla uses 1 vanilla bean per 8 ounces of liquid, the liquid is typically alcohol and water. At Triple XXX Vanilla we use 3 beans per 8 ounces, and we extract it for 6 months giving our extract a syrupy quality, but rest assured there is no sugar in our extracts!

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