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Smoked Vanilla Extract – 2 oz bottle, Triple-Fold


Vanilla Powder – 2 oz of 100% ground vanilla beans

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Vanilla Powder – Fat Sack Sample Bag


Vanilla Powder – Fat Sack

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This Vanilla Powder is literally ONE ingredient – ground vanilla beans!!

Our vanilla powder is 100% ground vanilla beans. We add nothing else. The process is grueling but the product is amazing!

When using Vanilla Powder, the flavor is very different than what we are accustomed to in the USA. Because we typically use extract, the alcohol in extract is part of the flavor profile to us. So, in using the bean or the powder, the vanilla flavor has a much deeper impression, it becomes a main character rather than an accent.

Use a quarter of what is called for if substituting for Vanilla Extract. 1 tsp Vanilla extract = 1/4 tsp vanilla powder.

Add vanilla to foods without adding alcohol, also great for items where excess liquid could be an issue such as meringues and pie crusts. Ice cream makers love this stuff. We sell sample bags as you see here, and larger 2 oz. bottles, and just about everyone who buys a sample bag comes back for a bottle. Please note, this powder will not dissolve. If you are planning to use it in drinks, be aware, it will remain a powder and may offer texture or particles.

It’s easy to list our ingredients, there’s only 1 thing in this bag, ground vanilla beans.

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